Minisymposium: MS43 - Computational Performance Evaluation for Hardware and Software Alternatives to Increase the HPC Efficiency of Earth System Models
Event TypeMinisymposium
Scientific Fields
Climate and Weather
TimeFriday, 14 June 201910:30 - 12:30
LocationHG D 1.1
DescriptionHPC has evolved in the last years from a technology crucial to the academic research community to a point where it is acknowledged as a key piece of numerical modelling, highlighting different challenges which should be solved. However, these challenges cannot be met by mere extrapolation but require radical innovation in computing technologies and numerical implementations, where the evaluation of these alternatives before and after is mandatory. This minisymposium will provide an overview of the computational performance evaluation of some of the models used by the community and different approaches to increase the performance of these models using software and hardware alternatives. It will focus largely on the methodology used to evaluate the performance of our atmospheric and ocean models. Moreover, two alternatives will be presented and evaluated, methodologies to achieve a reduced precision version for the models used, including 1) the development and methodology needed 2) the computational improvement and 3) the effects or not in the quality and accuracy of the results. Additionally, a hardware alternative will be evaluated and presented, where the computational profiling methodology will be applied to cloud computing, comparing the simulation of an atmospheric and ocean model between a typical supercomputer and the Amazon infrastructure.