Minisymposium: MS39 - Breaking the Wall in Computational Astrophysics: Current Bottlenecks and How to Address them towards the Exascale Era
Event TypeMinisymposium
Scientific Fields
Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
TimeFriday, 14 June 201910:30 - 12:30
LocationHG F 30
DescriptionComputational Astrophysics is one of the most computationally demanding fields and has greatly benefited from advances in HPC since the first supercomputers were available. Astrophysics is also one of the fields that will significantly benefit from the next era of advances in HPC, such as exascale computing capabilities. Nevertheless, current astrophysics applications still suffer from several bottlenecks that prevent the proper scaling that will leverage the computational power of the next generation of supercomputers. These bottlenecks relate to deep time-domain hierarchy, fault tolerance, and/or load imbalance, among many others. The aim of this minisymposium is to discuss current strategies to overcome scaling and parallelization issues in astrophysical applications, including the role of accelerators, which are central for the development of the most challenging and ambitious scientific applications into the exascale era.