Minisymposium: MS02 - Bridging the Software Productivity Gap for Weather and Climate Models, Part I of II
Event TypeMinisymposium
Scientific Fields
Climate and Weather
TimeWednesday, 12 June 201913:00 - 15:00
LocationHG D 1.1
DescriptionThe emergence of diverse and complex massively parallel heterogeneous hardware solutions have a large impact on the programming models traditionally used in existing large and complex weather and climate models that may well be decades old and not easily adaptable to new and possibly multiple programming models. Porting existing large community codes to multiple architectures is a daunting task and may lead to codes with multiple more complex, and more difficult to maintain variations depending on hardware choices. In order to increase the productivity and maintainability, while retaining a high degree of performance in this emerging landscape, a complete rethink of design choices is required based on abstractions and separation of concerns. This approach implies large rewriting efforts of existing codes with a considerable emphasis on low-level infrastructure developments, and automatic code generation. As a result in the past years numerous new technologies and approaches are emerging in order to provide new programming models and abstractions for concurrency and data interpretations. This minisymposium will provide an update both on infrastructure developments, source-to-source translation tools and domain-specific languages (DSL) as a way to address the challenge of bridging the software productivity gap for weather and climate models.