Minisymposium: MS38 - Scientists’ Choice of 'X' in MPI+X: Life Sciences, Plasma Physics, Climate & Weather Forecasting, and other HPC Benchmark Suites
Event TypeMinisymposium
Scientific Fields
Emerging Application Domains
Climate and Weather
Life Sciences
TimeThursday, 13 June 201916:45 - 18:45
LocationHG D 3.2
DescriptionLately, nodes are becoming fatter, they have an increasing amount of computing capability and an increasing amount of memory per node. We are also observing that hardware systems are taking diverse routes, some demonstrate intense heterogeneity such as Summit and some not so much such as UK's Isambard and Riken's Post-K. In either case, the rich feature sets of these powerful systems need a powerful programming environment. This symposium will feature four speakers who will focus on 'X' in MPI + X, while exploring different types of applications from various scientific domains including life sciences, climate and weather forecasting and a variety of popular HPC benchmark suites with a goal to inspire ideas to program the rich nodes of up and coming exascale architectures.