Minisymposium: MS17 - Application Scaling and Porting on an FPGA-Based Supercomputer in the EuroEXA Project
Event TypeMinisymposium
Scientific Fields
Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Emerging Application Domains
Chemistry and Materials
Climate and Weather
Solid Earth Dynamics
Life Sciences
TimeThursday, 13 June 201911:15 - 13:15
LocationHG D 3.2
DescriptionThe international race to develop the world’s first exascale supercomputer is the next frontier in High Performance Computing (HPC). But the creation of an exascale supercomputer requires substantial changes to the current technological models, including in the areas of energy consumption, scalability, network topology, memory, storage, resilience and, consequently, the programming models and systems software – none of which can currently scale to these performance levels. The EuroEXA project ( targets to provide the template for an upcoming exascale system by co-designing and implementing a petascale-level prototype with ground-breaking characteristics. To accomplish this, the project takes a holistic approach innovating both across the technology and the application/system software pillars. EuroEXA proposes a balanced architecture for compute and data-intensive applications, that builds on top of cost-efficient, modular-integration enabled by novel inter-die links, embraces FPGA acceleration for computational, networking and storage operations. In this minisymposium the EuroEXA experts from the different applications domains (climate/weather, physical/energy and life-science/bioinformatics) will show how the EuroEXA hardware and software stack has helped them to port and scale their applications, and how it helped to advance their science.