Minisymposium: MS16 - Advances in Computational Seismology and Earth Sciences, Part I of III
Event TypeMinisymposium
Scientific Fields
Solid Earth Dynamics
TimeThursday, 13 June 201911:15 - 13:15
LocationHG E 1.2
DescriptionRecent advances in theory and numerical methods in parallel to the availability of high-quality massive data sets and high-performance computing provide unprecedented opportunities to improve our understanding of Earth's interior and its mechanism. The goal of this session is to bring computational and Earth scientists together to form a platform to discuss the current status, challenges and future directions in computational seismology and computational Earth Sciences. Talks highlight advances through numerical (high-performance computing) simulations, their algorithms and their scientific outcomes. They help to identify opportunities and trends made possible through better computers and data, and they help to uncover challenges and problems arising from better data, computer architecture changes and more complex software. Contributions include, but are not limited to, the areas of earthquake engineering, passive and active-source seismic imaging, links to geodynamical modelling, observational data and laboratory experiments in conjunction with computational approaches such as numerical solvers, large-scale workflow, big data, optimisation strategies and machine-learning on HPC systems.

This session is dedicated to Dimitri Komatitsch.