Minisymposium: MS55 - Towards Sustainable Scientific Software through Better Engineering, Development, Documentation, Publication and Curation
Event TypeMinisymposium
Scientific Fields
Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
TimeFriday, 14 June 201913:30 - 15:30
LocationHG E 1.1
DescriptionScientific software tends to outlive the timespan of Ph.D. theses and project grants. Nevertheless, this important and essential component in the scientific knowledge discovery process has often been neglected due to the focus on scientific publication as an evaluation of scientific advancement. Fortunately, this is currently changing, but especially domain scientists find themselves burdened with a lot of computer and computational science tasks that are foreign to their area of expertise. This minisymposium presents a set of best practices, tools and web portals that ease this process and enable a more productive programming process for all participating parties. As such a long term sustainable software infrastructure that can benefit from all modern techniques - open-source licensing, public review processes, continuous integration, documentation, community building - can be achieved without a tremendous additional effort.