Best Paper

Seventeen full papers were presented at PASC19, describing high-quality contributions of original research related to scientific computing in a variety of different disciplines. The goal of the PASC Conference papers program is indeed to advance the quality of scientific communication between the various disciplines of computational science and engineering in the context of high performance computing.

The best paper prize was awarded to Sam Hatfield and colleagues from the University of Oxford and ECMWF for their work on the use of mixed-precision hardware to accelerate numerical weather forecasting. Hatfield presented the paper in a plenary session.

Full paper available in the ACM Digital Library:
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Sam Hatfield
Sam Hatfield

ACM PASC19 Papers - Plenary
Accelerating High-Resolution Weather Models with Deep-Learning Hardware

Authors: Sam Hatfield, Matthew Chantry, Tim Palmer (University of Oxford, UK), Peter Dueben (ECMWF, UK)

Best Posters

A total of forty posters were presented at PASC19 from the various scientific disciplines represented at the conference.

Posters play an important role in the conference, since they give the possibility to exchange ideas and expertise within and between  scientific fields. Moreover, like in the previous years, presenters had the opportunity to explain the main idea of their posters to the conference audience in a rapid-fire flash session held before the two-hour scheduled poster session. During the poster session, the attendees of the conference had the chance to learn more about the posters and vote for the best ones, which have been awarded during the closing session.

Here you can find the winners of the awards among the forty posters present at PASC19.

Marlon Azinovic, Laura Morgenstern and Patrick Seewald

First Place

CSM15 - Tasking Meets GPUs: Fighting Deadlocks and Other Monsters

Authors: Laura Morgenstern, Andreas Beckmann and Ivo Kabadshow (Forschungszentrum Julich, Germany)

Second Place

CHM04 - DBCSR: A Library for Sparse Linear Algebra

Authors: Patrick Seewald and Jürg Hutter (University of Zurich, Switzerland), Alice Shoshana Jakobovits and Ilia Sivkov (ETH Zurich / CSCS, Switzerland), Alfio Lazzaro and Tiziano Müller (CRAY Switzerland GmbH, Switzerland)

Third Place

EAD01 - Deep Equilibrium Nets

Authors: Marlon Azinovic and Luca Gaegauf (University of Zurich, Switzerland), Simon Scheidegger (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)